Software development and services - Frequently asked questions

What programming languages and platforms does RARo offer?

We can help you re-imagine your application portfolio. We can pinpoint technical deficiencies, develop new digital processes and modernise existing applications and platforms in parallel with your ongoing operations.

Our IT experts apply the latest UI/UX methods and realise your projects by taking a DevOps approach. They are also proficient in a variety of programming languages, such as Java, .NET, COBOL, SAP, API, iOS and Android.

What is collaboration between in-house developers and development teams in Cluj-Napoca like?

A good rapport between the teams in Romania and Germany is essential to success. At the start of a project, it makes sense for your employees to get to know the people at RARo.

After all, good chemistry can go a long way. Once the teams have met in person, virtual conferencing through tools such as Skype or virtual meeting rooms provide a platform for working on joint projects.

Because RARo usually uses agile models, further meetings to discuss specific requirements may be arranged as needed in addition to the regularly scheduled calls for the sprints (demo, sprint planning, etc.). Prompt feedback and communication with our clients is important to us.

Does RARo offer agile models and traditional projects?

Yes. From a client perspective, it usually makes sense to take advantage of the benefits offered by an agile approach.

Efficient coordination and review cycles, high flexibility to deal with changing demands and the input of a dynamic young team increase the quality of project results.

How are results and documentation ensured?

The documentation requirements are discussed and defined in advance, and are ensured during and after the project in line with the client’s preferences.

How can development capacity be scaled?

We often start with a core team that becomes acquainted with the specific challenges and IT environments of our clients for a defined period of time.

That enables us to divide up the team so as to create two new teams with new and experienced members alike.

By doing so, we are able to ensure a smooth transfer of knowledge and increase our capacities as needed without added expense or effort for our clients.

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